• kerry


  • Kwame Ato Sarfo

    Kwame Ato Sarfo

  • Caitlin Duke

    Caitlin Duke

  • Nico Oberfo

    Nico Oberfo

  • Riddick Osei Agyemang

    Riddick Osei Agyemang

  • Florin Gheorghisor

    Florin Gheorghisor

    Interested in programming for masses, ontologies, Cognitive Systems Capturing the Evolution, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Artificial Consciousness (AC)

  • Veronica Page

    Veronica Page

    UX designer, recovering smart-ass. ❤ to listen, relate & make sense of things

  • ThinkAfrik


    www.thinkafrik.com is a socio-impact investing company established to develop, connect and invest in ideas, projects and ventures in Africa.

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