Ghana NLP — Computational Mapping of Ghanaian Languages

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Natural Language Processing (NLP) is key for human interaction with computers [image source:]
Pretrained models bigger than 17 billion parameters are recently available in popular languages such as English (Microsoft Turing-NLG in this graph). Ghanaian languages are nowhere on this map. [source:]
An image of the first computational map for a Ghanaian Language — Twi — built by the Ghana NLP team. You can explore the dynamic version at this link

Word Embeddings

Practical Visualization of Twi Embeddings

source :

Code Walk Through

How To Use

Sample Results

100 closest words to Doctor (dɔkota)
100 closest words to Mother (Maame)


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Paul Azunre holds a PhD in Computer Science from MIT and has served as a Principal Investigator on several DARPA programs. He founded Algorine & Ghana NLP

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